Invoices and payment methods

The vast majority of customers will receive an invoice for their electricity use every other month. The invoice will arrive in the middle of the month and will be due for payment before the end of the next month (20 days payment terms).

Our bankgiro number is 5061-0229. If you pay by means other than using our payment slip, you must provide the invoice OCR number. The OCR number is the same as the ten-digit invoice number. Please note that we do not offer plusgiro as a method of payment.

If you make a payment from abroad, please use the following account details:

Bank: Nordea
IBAN SE45 9500 0099 6026 0460 0813

Joint invoicing with Borås Elhandel

If you use Borås Elhandel as your electricity provider, you will receive an invoice both for your electricity supply and the electricity that you have used. In all other cases, we will invoice you for the network fee, and you will receive a separate invoice from your electricity provider.

Unpaid invoices

If you have not paid your invoice on time, we will send you a reminder approximately one week after the due date. This will incur a reminder fee of SEK 60, which will be added to your next invoice. Late payment interest will also be charged. If your payment does not reach us following this action, the matter will be passed to a debt collection agency.

Three methods of payment

  • E-invoice is a quick and easy way to pay your invoice. There are no additional costs and the invoice arrives directly with your online banking provider. All you have to do is approve it with one click, and the bank will ensure the invoice is paid on time.

You should register for the e-invoice service via your online banking service. Please note that doing so will result in the e-invoice service being applied to all your subscriptions (electricity and broadband) where Borås Elnät is the payment recipient.

  • Autogiro direct debit ensures that your bills are automatically paid on time. The sum due is automatically transferred from your account to Borås Elnät AB on the due date. All you have to do is ensure that the necessary funds are available in your account at least one banking day in advance. Please note that registering for Autogiro direct debit will result in the service being applied to all your subscriptions (electricity and broadband) where Borås Elnät is the payment recipient. If the customer and account holder are not the same person, this must be clearly indicated in your application.

You can sign up for Autogiro direct debit via your online banking service. If you do not have online banking, please contact kundtjänst, and we will send you an application form and the terms and conditions by post. You can also print out our autogiroblankett and send it to us by post at: Borås Elnät AB, Box 1714, 501 17 Borås.

  • Paper invoices are standard. They are sent out with an attached payment slip for use with bankgiro. The invoicing video below explains the different elements of the invoice.