New customer?

To receive electricity to your home, you need two separate contracts – one electricity network contract and one electricity supply contract.

You are not able to select your electricity network provider. Instead, you are referred to the company that owns the network in the place that you live – in your case this is Borås Elnät AB. However, you may freely select who supplies the electricity that you use in your home. There is a large number of electricity suppliers on the market offering a range of agreements.

What happens if you don’t choose an electricity supplier?

There is a so-called designated electricity supply company in each community. If you make no active choice, the designated company will be your electricity supplier. In Borås, the designated company is Borås Elhandel. Even if you are happy to buy electricity from the designated company, we always recommend that you select and agree to some kind of pricing tariff. This will ensure you pay a lower price for your electricity than you would if you were a passive customer.

Who is responsible for what?

The electricity network provider

  • Is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the local electricity network
  • Is responsible for meters and meter readings

The electricity supplier

  • Sells the electricity used in households
  • Signs agreements with customers in relation to the supply of electricity

The customer

  • Selects the electricity supplier and form of agreement
  • Is responsible for the electricity network in their property (in properties with tenancy rights, the property owner is responsible)