Terms and conditions

Your customer relationship with us is governed by the terms and conditions drawn up jointly by Energiföretagen Sverige and the Swedish Consumer Agency.

These terms and conditions enter into force when you become a customer. You can find the full terms and conditions here: (Only available in Swedish)

Avtalsvillkor elnät 2012K (rev)

Supplement för avtalsvillkor elnät 2012 K (rev)


All rights to the terms and conditions of the agreement are held by Energiföretagen Sverige. Only one copy of the agreement may be downloaded and printed by an individual entering into an agreement with Borås Elnät AB for its network services. All other use, for instance copying or dissemination of the agreement digitally or otherwise, is prohibited and represents a violation of Svensk Energi’s rights. Such violations may be punishable under the Swedish Copyright Act. Energiföretagen Sverige is entitled to compensation for use and may also be entitled to damages.