Power cuts

In general, Borås Elnät AB tends to have few unplanned power cuts, thanks to the fact that the majority of our network is buried underground and is not therefore vulnerable to storms or heavy snowfall.

In order to effectively manage those power cuts that do occur, we have a preparedness organisation on standby 24/7/365. In the event of a fault in our high voltage network (i.e. a major fault), our staff will be automatically notified and will initiate troubleshooting procedures.

Power cuts very rarely last more than two hours, and are usually shorter than this. If the error occurs during standard working hours, the duration of the fault tends to be further shortened. The most time consuming issue is identifying the fault. Once the fault has been identified, we are well positioned to quickly reconnect the electricity by other routes.

Report a power cut

First, check whether the fault is a local issue in your property: see our troubleshooting guide. If the fault is not only in your property, please contact our fault reporting line on 033–13 07 15. If the line is busy, this is because someone else is calling, which means we have already been notified of the fault. It is highly unusual for more than one fault to occur at the same time.

Has your electricity failed to come back on after two hours? Please contact our fault reporting line for further information.

Information in the event of a power cut

In the event of interruptions to our high voltage network, information will automatically be posted on our website. This information will be updated as and when new details emerge. In the event of longer power cuts, P4 Radio Sjuhärad will always be notified.

Be prepared!

It is always a good idea to have a torch with extra batteries, spare fuses, candles and matches at home. If you live in a rural location, a camping stove may also be useful.

Remember that in the event of a power cut, fridges and freezers can remain cold for many hours if they are not opened.

Our electricity network area

The map below shows Borås Elnät’s network area. As you can see, we are not the sole network owner in the municipality. As a resident of Borås, you may also have either Vattenfall or Sandhult-Sandareds Elektriska as your network owner.



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