Securing Borås’ future electricity supply!


The city is growing rapidly, with around 1,000 new residents being added to our numbers every year, which means that to ensure our future electricity needs are met we need to substantially boost capacity in our electricity network. This is why we are now starting work on burying a total of 50 km of new high voltage cables around large parts of Borås.


Starting at Nordskogen

Excavation will begin at Nordskogen during October/November and will continue through Kypeskogen during the autumn, before continuing through Hässleholmen and Brämhult during the spring, summer and autumn of 2018.

During a later phase (stage 2), we will also bury cables along Källbäcksrydsgatan in Brämhult in order to continue south towards Sobacken (more information about this will be published at a later date).


Which streets will be impacted and how?

During the first stage, excavation will take place along the following roads:

  • Ödevägen
  • Mollagatan
  • Gäsenevägen
  • Kyrkvägen
  • Prästliden
  • Myrtengatan
  • Flädergatan

Other, adjacent roads may be affected as they must be crossed. Access will be most limited on Flädergatan, which will be in full use throughout excavation. This is because the majority of cables will be buried under this street.

The width of the trenches will vary depending on the street, but will be between 1 and 4 metres wide. We will lay the cables at an approximate depth of 1.3 metres. We will largely be digging trenches in pavements and bike lanes, but we will occasionally also make use of the roadway.


Limited access for local residents

Access in parts of the Kype area, Hässleholmen and Brämhult will be limited while work is taking place. This is partly due to the excavation work, and partly because we need to close roads to ensure a safe working environment for our personnel. Naturally, we will ensure that access to properties is maintained and that as a motorist, cyclist or pedestrian you are able to make it to your destination safely.

More information in connection to start of excavation work

When excavation is due to begin in your area, those who will be directly impacted will receive more specific information. Additionally, we will also ensure that practical signage is in place during the work so that the situation for traffic is safe, secure and clear. Current information about the project will also be provided here on the website.


Limited access to Kypeskogen during low season

In connection with excavation work, some exercise trails in Kypeskogen will be closed. Fortunately we will excavate in the area during the autumn/winter, when fewer people are using the area. Trenches will follow existing roads to ensure as little intrusion into the woods as possible.


Note on co-operation between electricity and fibre networks

One result of the city growing rapidly is that there are many investments in infrastructure taking place in both urban and residential environments. As a resident, it can naturally be stressful when access is limited by different projects.

At Borås Elnät, we always co-operate with other infrastructure operators as much as possible in order to minimise the impact on you, the resident. We are currently involved in, amongst other things, laying high voltage cables together with Borås Energi och Miljö as part of Project Sobacken.

Many of you who are currently affected by our work to run high voltage cables through your local area have already experienced periods of limited access in connection with the major fibre network roll-out. Unfortunately, it has not been possible to implement the fibre expansion and this project in tandem.

This is primarily because the licensing processes and assignments have been very different in nature. Electricity network projects are preceded by comprehensive licensing requirements, which mean that planning takes several years. The task of expanding the fibre network came about relatively quickly and rapid implementation was demanded by the state, municipality and customers alike. The licensing process for the fibre network is not as demanding, which meant that a rapid implementation was possible.

Another factor is that even if the projects had run at the same time, they involve two completely different types of cable laying. While fibre cables are laid in shorter lengths at a depth of around 60 cm, high voltage cables are laid in unbroken lengths (up to 900 metres) at a depth of around 1.3 metres.


Has information about this project been published previously?

An infrastructure investment in cables over 130 kV is always preceded by a consultation. For this project, consultation letters were sent to all affected property owners and municipal officials when we applied for a concession (permit) in 2012. We also made general announcements in the daily press.