Are you moving?

  • To a new home within our network area? If so, we will help you to stop the electricity supply to your current home and to get connected at your new address.
  • To an area where we do not own the electricity network? If so, we will help you to permanently close your account with us.

No matter which applies, you can notify us using the form below.

Remember to let us know well in advance and no later than one week before your scheduled move.

Are you moving into or out of a house?

If so, it is best to contact customer services personally since we will require further details. We will require, amongst other things, your new address, the new owner’s name and personal identification number, and the move in date.


We charge an administrative fee of SEK 295 when you move to a new address in our network area. We do not charge an administrative fee to permanently close accounts.

Have you forgotten to order a supply for your new home? It is possible to place an expedited same-day order, but we charge an additional fee for this. It costs SEK 400 if your request is submitted prior to 15:00 on a standard working day and SEK 1,000 after 15:00 or on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday. The fee will be added to your first invoice.

New customer?

Do you need to sign up for your own electrical supply for the first time, or are you a recent arrival in Borås? If so, you should place your order here.

(You will receive confirmation within a couple of days)